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CEO Networks | Forum Strategy

CEO Networks

Bringing together leading thinkers and CEOs from across the system

#TrustLeaders Networks

From our six regional CEO networks to our annual national CEO conference, we bring together leading thinkers and professionals from across the system to deliver training and development of the highest quality. Our work is informed by careful analysis of strategic leadership and policy issues of the moment, and underpinned with clear reference to best practice, research, and thought-leadership.

The most sensible, outward-looking, decent, people-centred network going. A group of people who want to make the system better for young people and the communities we serve. And who do it in a calm and measured way. I can not recommend highly enough.
Johnny Uttley

The Education Alliance

Highly recommend all #TrustLeaders join Forum Strategy.
I was fortunate to join the NW Network from the start 5 years ago & don’t know where I or Focus Trust would be without it. We’ve learned so much & met so many great people #partnershipswithpurpose
Helen Rowland

Focus Trust

Available Networks

National #TrustLeaders CEO Network – Annual Membership

Join the National #TrustLeaders CEO Network here

COO Network 2020/21

Join the National #TrustLeaders COO Network here

National #TrustLeaders Conference 2020

The third National #TrustLeaders Conference will take place online on 24th September with the theme – Purpose and People. 

This event is exclusively for CEOs and COOs (plus a guest of their choice) who are members of the #TrustLeaders network (as of September 2020)

Upcoming online seminars

To read details of upcoming online seminars for our members, please click on the images below. Members should now use these pages to book onto upcoming seminars and events. If you are not a member, please contact us at

30th November 2020 9.15am-10.45am

Remote Learning and Working

2nd December 8.45am-9.30am

The work of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership with Frank Norris MBE

2nd December 4pm-5.45pm

Chairs of Trustees Roundtable 2020

7th December 2020 9.15am-10.45am

Environmental sustainability

Upcoming #TrustLeaders conferences & network meetings

National #TrustLeaders Conference 2021 – 23rd September

National #TrustLeaders CEO Network Dates – 2020/21

Please see below confirmed dates for CEO Network meetings in the period September 2020 – July 2021. Please note that attendance at these events depends on renewals being confirmed at the time they are due, with renewal dates for members varying.

National #TrustLeaders Conference – 24th September 2020 (Online)
19th November 2020, 9.15am – 12.30pm (Online)
10th February 2021, 9.15am – 12.30pm (Online)
17th March 2021, 10am – 3pm (Alternative Date 1 – Reading)
18th March 2021, 10pm – 3pm (Alternative Date 2 – Huddersfield)
23rd June 2021, 10am – 3pm (Southwell, Nottinghamshire)

National #TrustLeaders COO Network Dates – 2020/21

Please see below confirmed dates for COO Network meetings in the period September 2020 – July 2021. 

Tuesday 10th November (9.15 – 12.30)
Tuesday 19th January (9.15 – 12.30)
Wednesday 4th March (9.15 – 12.30)
Thursday 12th May (1 – 4pm)
Thursday 7th July (1 – 4pm)

#TrustLeaders Chairs of Trustees Seminars – 2020/21

These seminars are open to all Chairs of trusts where the CEO and/or COO is a current member of the National #TrustLeaders Network. Each session is run online. (Please note that access to the seminars will depend on renewals being confirmed at a certain point, depending on the date your CEO originally joined #TrustLeaders.) The dates are as follows:

30th September 2020 (4 – 5.45pm)
2nd December 2020 (4pm – 5.45pm)
13th January 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)
3rd March 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)
28th April 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)
16th June 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)